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Why we?

  • You can find contractors for all kind of orders
  • Thanks to standardization, we guarantee the performance of the service at a consistently high level, regardless of the contractor.
  • We control the quality of the service, so someone makes sure that your order is carried out carefully.
  • We can select the contractor for your order on the basis of the criteria that you indicate to us.
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We are a company that provides cleaning services for all external surfaces. We offer cleaning of paving stones, roofs and facades.

We provide the roof washing service in two ways. We can clean the roof with the hydrodynamic method, rope access or non-pressure, i.e. chemical method. We carry out most of the roof washing orders from rope access. Roof washing should end with bio-active or hydrophobic impregnation of the roof surface. This will slow down the process of dirt on the roof and additionally make it hydrophobic.

Cleaning paving stones is the category of services in which we specialize. We have many devices that allow us to quickly and efficiently start cleaning paving stones. We provide the cleaning service with the use of hot-water high-pressure washers, which additionally disinfect the surface of the paving stones. As a complementary service to the offer, we offer impregnation or grouting of expansion joints in paving stones.

Additionally, as a comprehensive supplement to the offer of cleaning external surfaces of buildings, we offer specialized cleaning of plastered facades and glass facades. We clean glass surfaces with the use of demineralized water technology. Washing with demineralized water ensures the absence of streaks after washing, and additionally gives the surface antistatic properties. We can clean glass facades without the use of a lift or scaffolding up to a height of 13 m.

We also offer comprehensive cleaning of industrial flexible floors, with their subsequent polymerization, as well as porcelain stoneware and natural stones. We provide these services with the use of scrubbers, washing machines and hydrodynamic methods. We use chemicals from the most respected chemical concerns.

Additionally, we renovate and clean brick walls. We provide cleaning services only on professional equipment. We use electric and combustion high-pressure washers that clean with hot water, screw compressors and sandblasters, as well as telescopic lances and others. After cleaning, we can comprehensively carry out surface care treatments. We re-grout paving stones, apply a preparation that slows down moss growth, replace the joints in the brick and impregnate the surfaces. We use the highest quality impregnants, based on nanotechnology. The service calculators created by us will approximately help you determine the price for the cleaning services we offer. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone.

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